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About RE/MAX Life

RE/MAX Life, focused on providing a life experience when making the decision to acquire or sell a property, advising and accompanying our client in every step.

Our team is committed to taking care of all the elements in a real estate process so that our client feels a natural fluidity throughout the service.

We go beyond real estate intermediation; we offer a complete service to exceed your expectations:


We offer Smart Real Estate Services.

Advice on Buying, Selling or Renting Property

With highly qualified professionals we advise you to sell your property at the best price possible at the least possible time.
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Our team offers you timely accompaniment to find the ideal property for your needs.


  • We carry out an effective ACM (Comparative Market Analysis).
  • We analyze the available data for better decision making.
  • We shore up the right prospect market.
  • We design a personalized marketing strategy.
  • We accompany the entire process of handover.

Advice on the design, construction or remodeling of your property

We have an expert partner team to achieve the design and construction of your dream property.
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We take care of any remodeling to your property to achieve the best quality with the highest efficiency.


  • We design, with our associated architectural firm, the ownership of your dreams on the acquired land.
  • With our partner company we build your property.
  • Our experts remodel any space in your property.

Property Management

We take care of maximizing the profitability of your property by scheduling and monitoring timely maintenance and possible revenue generation.
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  • We manage the collection of the rental fee.
  • We monitor compliance in the payment of basic services.
  • We coordinate and supervise the necessary maintenance on the property (air, garden, pool, white line, bathrooms, pests, painting).
  • We coordinate the cleaning of the building.
  • We inspect the property for the duration of a rental.
  • We manage the rental of holiday properties with platforms like Airbnb.

Advice on Moving and Relocation

The experts of our team will support you throughout the process to establish yourself in Panama. Residential area, migration, logistics, insurance, school, whatever you need.
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  • We coordinate your move with the right agency.
  • We assist in the preparation of the necessary documentation.
  • We coordinate the customs release process.
  • We accompany in the process of establishment in the country (school, club, activities).

Insurance advice

Our office offers a wide range of home, health, life and vehicle insurance to find the right one for you.
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  • With our team of brokers we quote the best insurance options.
  • We advise that international insurance can be used locally.
  • We support the preparation of documents and forms for obtaining insurance.
  • We’re coordinating the policy renewal.

Migratory Accompaniment

Process your residence with our legal team and make your establishment in Panama have a perfect landing.
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  • We advise on the most recommended migratory process.
  • With our team we assist in the preparation of the requirements.
  • We accompany the entire process until obtaining immigration status.


If you want to know the country and its amenities before buying a property, schedule tours with the security of our team.
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  • We coordinate Look-See Trips.
  • We organize tours to evaluate investments.
  • We offer tours to tourist areas.
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